VOLTA New York art fair opens May 18 with CasaGalleria.ART

CasaGalleria.ART is part of VOLTA New York presenting the solo booth by the artist Yuri Catania under the title Black Flower Secret Garden.

Catania will show a mix media art project starting from the photography, painting, to the digital art, & NFTs dedicated to an overture of the Nature.

As usual Yuri Catania is a multidisciplinary artist who has the impulse to convey his feelings regardless of medium.

“Have you ever contemplated any flowers in the darkness? They are beautiful and different from how we are used to seeing them in the sunlight.

Try it, just a flashlight …”

Each flowers has a story, born days and months before, takes time and become a marvellous small and unique world. Photography is the final act of a long path and not the main purpose. The colours are bright and deep, suspended in a dreamlike and an intimate dimension. The nocturnal atmosphere is velvety making the composition elegant and conveying a sense of peace. Often some portraits are taken after the rain and so sweet drops of water make the petals and corollas of the flowers even more seductive.

Love is not about possession, it's all about appreciation. Says Buddha

The concept behind Black Flowers Secret Garden follows the same meaning of Buddha's teaching in the act that beauty is a contemplation and not possession.

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