The Art of Nature Architecture by Marshall Vernet

Marshall Vernet has been featured on TravelGlobe magazine about his Nature Architecture

Nature Vs. Architecture, we are facing off the majestic photography by Marshall Vernet who has been recently featured in a detailed article on TravelGlobe

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L'Arte della Natura Architettonica di Marshall Vernet

An uncommon eye for eternal images. When I show Marshall's photography most of architects and architectural lover are fascinated by his pictures where the nature has an harmonious geometries. Sylvia Torricelli says

The works of Vernet, American photographer who spends his life between Italy, Switzerland, and the USA become naturalistic images separated from their geographical context. They convey the classic beauty made by an eternal elegance that places the viewer, to go beyond the boundaries of one's imagination to discover places that are not places, which impress with their magnificence. Rows of trees, seas breaking on rocks, reflections of trees in lakes, roads that travel towards infinity, idyllic landscapes of mountains and geometries of deserts, are just some of the subjects immortalized by Vernet. What emerges from his work, printed on cotton paper, is an intimate path made of observation and composition and which, thanks to the use of black and white, defines plays of light that manage to make nature the most beautiful form of architecture.