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Photography Exhibition by Marshall Vernet

"NATURARCHITETTONICA" is the photography exhibition by Marshall Vernet, an American photographer who lives in Gstaad in the Canton of Bern. The vernissage will be placed on 2 July from 10.00 to 19.00 in the artist's presence at CasaGalleria in via Trivelli, 11 Rovio.

Nature and architecture, black and white, are two indissoluble binomials that distinguish the photography of Marshall Vernet, an American author who through his works makes nature the most beautiful form of architecture.

On display from 2 July to 28 August at CASAGALLERIA.ART, the series of the author's most beautiful naturalistic images. Works that, detached from their geographical context, become the canon of classical beauty made of eternal elegance that places the viewer to go beyond the boundaries of their imagination to discover places that are not places that impress with their magnificence. The inauguration of the exhibition is scheduled for 2 July in the presence of the artist.

Marshall Vernet was born in 1956 in New York. He studies in Europe without ever separating from his camera which becomes an integral part of his being an artist. Photography for him is a great passion. He returns to the United States and moves to Los Angeles to work as a photographer in Hollywood. Get in close contact with Denzel Washington in the movie "Deja Vu", Robert De Niro, and Wesley Snipes in "The Fan", Will Smith and Gene Hackman in "Enemy of the State" and Keira Knightley and Mickey Rourke in "Domino ". After a long film experience, he decides to move to live in Italy where he devotes himself completely to still photography.

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