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NFTs from during Art Basel

NFTs by Yuri Catania were reviewed at Volta Art Fair in Basel by Michelle Isler from on June 17, 2022

“We are in a community now”, tells the Italian artist Yuri Catania (the one with the NFT screen) to the interested NFT walkers. For him, this seems to be one of the most important changes that NFTs have brought: "My name stays on the chain when I sell the artwork." In this way, he will be linked to the people who support his work.

says Yuri Catania to Michelle Isler from

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About Bajour:

Bajour is the journalistic Basel forum, online and on the street. It takes place in newsletters or at an event accompanied by journalists. Bajour provides an overview, background, and the moderated debate on strengthening democracy, across generations, with different formats, playful and curious. In the future also be increasingly on the homepage.

About NFTs by Yuri Catania:

The artist believes that NFTs are just technology and a medium. He creates video art and the idea to show his artwork on a customized screen is a perfect way. Art collectors want to buy art and they don't care about the medium, so it's much easy to give them the opportunity to display their NFTs collection on specific screens and not just on a PC or on a smartphone. People need to touch and be concrete.

About NFTs screen:

CasaGalleria was the only one that has shown NFTs at Volta in Basel with the first crypto-native integrated wallet screen. User-friendly and linked to the blockchain. Physical support to sell and show the NFTs and the digital art. Those screens are powered by Macropix a leading led visual company.


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