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Designated best gallery booth at Art Cologne

CasaGalleria.ART stands out for his velvety and charming black room with hits unique designed booth signed by the artist Yuri Catania at Discovery Art Fair in Cologne. The creative idea comes out to represent the same atmosphere when the artist takes the photographs by night in his garden where he lives in the South of Switzerland. Painted black walls and a dark scrim convey an elegant and intimate sensation where visitors should walk in with the flashlight to discover the framed flowers on the wall in the recreated garden.

CasaGalleria.ART has been featured on the art fair blog as in the list of the Must See Gallery in Cologne. Check it here: Discovery Art Fair News

The gallerist and founder of CasaGalleria.ART, Sylvia Torricelli says:

People are impressed once they understand that the artworks on show are photography and not painting. They had the illusion to watch some unique and special and this is the true. Yuri Catania is obsessed to guarantee the highest quality of materials. He use the light with an exclusive touch. Catania has a long background in fashion as Editorial and Advertising Photographer, so he translates models in flowers representing a very artistic setting. Melancholy is the fil rouge along the different series of his artworks since the beginning when he was discovered for his black and white street photography almost 20 years go.

Black Secret Garden is the series on show at Discover Art Fair Cologne, in details: Black Flowers Secret Garden are the framed artwork from his garden, Black Cactus Secret Garden is the new photography project took at Moorten's Botanical Garden in Palm Springs California, and NFT's collection is the digital art displayed in micro tv.


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