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Crypto Girls by Yuri Catania featured on Artscope US

I met Nancy Nesvet, a journalist from Art Scope art magazine from the northeast of the United States of America at Volta Basel during art Basel. She falls in love at first sight with the Crypto Girls by Yuri Catania a mixed media artwork of 3d sculpting, painting, and photography.

Titled: Wild Night, “Are you shining just for me?

Artist: Yuri Catania

Year: 2021 Unique Piece

Technique and Materials: 3d sculpting, painting on photography, cotton paper mounted on Alu-dibond, wood, floater-framed

Size: H 62m x L. 92 cm | H. 24,4 in x L. 36,22 in

Read the full article here:

..."A close second was “Wild Night: Are You Shining Just for Me?,” Yuri Cataniya’s “Crypto Girls,” 2021, black bounded ground covered with a wild array of colorful blooms, in a very Victorian style comprising the latest work of the black flowers secret garden project on show in Volta."....

Crypto Girls is the artistic evolution of the black flowers secret garden project that was on show at Volta in New York by Yuri Catania. The contemplation of the nocturnal flowers of the artist’s garden and the development of the technique in 3D graphics, and the attention to the Black Lives Matter movement with the absurd death of George Floyd led Yuri Catania to create a series of unique works of mixed media art, 3d sculpture, photography, painting, and poetry become a place of experimentation peer to tell of fantastic figures who are constantly threatened by a racist, homophobic and non-inclusive society in the real world. While the artist's garden, which in reality is a secure place, becomes a place to host and admire those crypto girls who do not have a secure place in the real world, even just for the color of their skin, where they can be free, naked of every stereotype and protected from all human malice.


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