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Videogame & NFT on show during Art Basel

American Flag IV: Videogame, NFT & 3d sculpting by Yuri Catania on show during Art Basel

CasaGalleria goes from New York to Basel at Volta Art Fair during the Basel Art Week with a solo presentation dedicated to gaming and virtual photography, NFT & 3d sculpting by the visual artist Yuri Catania. American Flag IV-Videogame is a single large installation consisting of 90 images taken inside a well-known video game: a large photo album, straddling the line between virtual and real.

"As an addicted video game player, over time, I became disinterested in the violent and criminal purpose of the game. I began to getting around by foot or by a "borrowed" bicycle through the virtual city of Los Angeles. Thus, for over four years, I started a project as a "street photographer" within the videogame to convey how the virtual reality is overlapping the real world and what are the consequences of the massive use the the 3D technology in our lives." Yuri Catania says.

Visit CasaGalleria - Booth C04 - Volta Basel


Monday, June 13

10 am – 2 pm, Private View, by invitation only

2 pm – 8 pm, Public Vernissage


Tuesday, June 14 — Saturday, June 18, 11 am – 8 pm

Sunday, June 19, 11 am – 5 pm


In addition, the American Flag Catania has developed artistic 3d images creating a great big allegory composed of 8 chapters. Each chapter is a unique NFT ed. 1/1 showcased on framed NFT display with blockchain verification.

NFT are displayed on the first crypto-native screens. A revolutionary framed screen for NFT supplied by Macropix - a world-leading company in customized LED screens.

Yuri Catania with its solo creative presentation confirms itself as a multifaceted artist who puts in dialog different languages to convey his ideas and creativity. His favorite media are now AI, 3D, and virtual reality. He works with the Oculus and he set his multi-spaces in the Metaverse. What's tomorrow?

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