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The Art of Good Life

Every day we carry out actions that lead us to be who we are with more or less conscious choices. I realized that I want to live a special life in a slow lane close to nature. A new life to build day by day rediscovering ancient family traditions. 


Thus was born the idea of “Art of Good Life” at Casa Galleria. Yuri and I are committed to cultivating the biodynamic vegetable garden, flowers, to make homemade pasta, cakes, and jams, and people happy who come to visit us. Handwork tradition and craftsmanship with a new lifestyle idea and technology are the focus of the “Art of Good Life”. We live at Rovio in an ancient house from the 1700s, in the middle of the Merlot vineyards valley, between Mendrisio and Lugano. 


Now we are ready to share what we created and how we live this experience. In this section, we talk about how to start and grow an organic garden at home, about family recipes by our Italian Granny, and much more. Do you know how to cook Texas BBQ? We are influenced by American culture because we spend several months a year from the East to the West Coast. So, get ready to take “succulent” notes.


At last but not least: amazing Switzerland with its lakes, waterfalls, and mountains, food and authentic people.


Carpe Diem! Make Your Lives Extraordinary!



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