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Yari Copt

Photograper b.1981 (Switzerland)

Yari Copt is born and raised in Lugano, Switzerland, He is a life enthusiast, hyperactive, productive, and a night owl.
All of his energy is spilled into creativity.
Entrepreneur, radio speaker, skateboarder, rock star, and DJ, in 2019, he picked up his first camera and launched into the capture of nocturnal landscapes. Some of these contain lightning bolts.
A well-known and respected artist even outside the borders of Italian Switzerland, Yari Copt is a traveler in all respects: both mentally and physically. A real creative mind constantly looks for new motivation for himself and others. It is the beginning of a great passion for this majestic, powerful, and dangerous natural subject, which also, thanks to the strategic location in which he lives, nicknamed "the Valley of Lightning," leads to this project.

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Yuri Catania: Pro Gallery

2022: "La Valle Dei Fulmini" - solo exhibition - CASAGALLERIA.ART- Comune di Riva S.Vitale Switzerland  UPCOMING

Yuri Catania: Testo
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