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Giorgio Galimberti

Photographer b.1980 (Italy)

The Italian photographer Giorgio Galimberti was born in 1980 in Como. He grow up in the creative world of his family, being the son of Maurizio Galimberti. His passion for the darkroom brought him to experiment how to create a personal and meaningful outcome. His works show the influence of Mario Giacomelli for the marked use of graphic design techniques, by the Master Fan Ho he learned the application of light combined with notable geometric compositions. He has studied art approaching to the metaphysics vision of Raffaele De Chirico. Galimberti’s works show an authentic character based on the use of the light. He plays with the contrast in black, white, and now with colors. Recently he opened a new path in his career with the series: The Ordinary is Extraordinary. A playlist of color photographs. The result is an immediate cinematic vision of the reality.

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