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Daniel Arsham

Artist b.1980 (USA)

Daniel Arsham was born in 1980. He’s an American artist based in New York City. 
He works between sculpture, architecture and performance put together, creating the surreal. His practice has been guided by a curiosity for architecture and structured space, stemming from childhood memories of seeing the ruins of Hurricane Andrew in his hometown of Miami. Fascinated by the relationship between modern architecture and the natural environment, he looks for inspiration to create the impossible. He’s the co-founder of Snarkitecture, along with Alex Mustonen. While working on his personal creations, Daniel has had some unique collaborations with the choreographer, Merce Cunningham for whom he created a stage. In 2013, the artist collaborated with Pharrell Williams, for whom he created his first keyboard in volcanic ashes.

Daniel Arsham: I nostri artisti
Daniel Arsham: Pro Gallery
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