Black Cactus Secret Garden
by Yuri Catania

Black Flower goes to Palm Springs California at the Moorten’s secret garden!

Clark Moorten founded with his wife Patricia in 1939 the most interesting attraction in Palm Springs for those who are cactus and botanical lovers. One acre is cultivated in the backyards at their desert home with thousands of specimens sourced from all over the world. It’s another love story that Yuri Catania captured with his eye and camera creating an analogy with his Secret Garden. So, he took pictures in the darkness of the most uncommon cactus including Myrtillocactus, and others. Mr. Moorten had opened the gate of his botanical castle first time during the night to let Catania create the same feeling. It takes years for cacti to grow and how much they are beautiful at the night!!! It’s all about the contemplation of the beauty of nature just with a flashlight at night.